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Small Talk I-Owe-You or IOU

We all know how frustrating it is to unexpectedly run out of credit so we created Small Talk IOU to enable you to carry on calling when you run out of funds.

Available on Small Talk Plans our IOU service will kick in whenever an IOU enabled account reaches zero or negative balance and tries to make a call to a NZ or Australian phone number (including mobiles). Ordinarily these calls would be blocked due to lack of funds but with Small Talk IOU you will be able to make the call as usual. Any applicable charges will be applied to your account and you will need to repay these when you top up.

Once enabled you will have at least 1 full business day to topup – so for example if you run out of funds on Friday evening you will have until Tuesday at 1pm to topup your account. This allows for any bank transfers to clear and be processed by our systems.

Once you have topped up we’ll automatically remove your IOU until next time. If you fail to top up before your IOU expires then it will be automatically removed and calling will be suspended.

It’s that easy!